Southampton now has a MDFT - Multi discipilinary foot team!

We are delighted that Southampton now has an MDFT, or Multi disciplinary foot team! 

Angie was priviledged to attend one of the first clinic's to see it in action. This major step forward in foot care brings together, members of podiatry, vascular surgery and diabetic consultants in one appointment. These appointments will be offered to those of us who have 'high risk' feet. Being able to see all of these specialists at the same time saves time for the patients and also speeds up treatment and decision making about our condition. These specialists are also able to talk directly to each otherwhich speeds up decision making and we are sat there at the appointment we are included in the decision making and advice!

An excellent step forward for us all which means the people who need it most will get these specialist appointments and everyone else will be seen by their local healthcare professionals at their GP surgery. :)